Hassle free automated centralized
admission processes

ControlA brings student and educational institutes on one platform. Institutes can publish online admission forms, accept applications, manage supporting documents and shortlist applicants easily.

Years in education


Person years of experience


Academy served


Academic Experts

Academic Resource Planning

Empowering your institution starts with giving people the right information at the right time. Our systems make your organisation efficient, informed, and capable of delivering great constituent experiences.


Secure, comprehensive, and robust—the Fees module provides a fast and efficient way to register fees transactions, automate transactions, and generate financial reports


Account management is one of most important part of the financial activity


Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized admission forms and help welcome applicants that are the best fit for your institution.


Mark and track student attendance quickly to enable teachers to focus on the lesson at hand.


From supporting grading systems such as ICSE, CCE, CWA, and GPA to generating various student examinations reports, schedule and manage examinations effortlessly to fit the needs of your institution.

Time Table

Create clear and error free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across your institution.


Generate various reports on your students, employees, courses, and fee schedules.


Record and organize all employee details enabling quick access to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll and leave.