For Parents

ControlA grants parents an up-to-date view into the school life of their child and allows parents to proactively monitor their child’s assignments and due dates, attendance, and academic performance throughout the grading period and school year so that they know when and how to help their child and, if necessary, can reach out to their child’s teachers when they discover specific issues.

For Teachers

Pressure to perform in school does not fall squarely on the shoulders of students. Teachers are highly concerned with having their students do well. They work hard to find ways to support struggling students and recognize student achievement while juggling the requirements to plan and report on their work, collect large amounts of school operational data, and communicate and collaborate with students, faculty, school administrators, and parents.


ControlA software gives teachers secure access to powerful tools that help them to plan and teach, to foster communication and collaboration, to capture critical operational data and student information, and to report on all of the great work they do.

For Students

In order to succeed, students must keep track of and manage the schedules, course plans, assignments, tests, due dates, and course content that they are given for all courses. Report cards tell students how well they managed their workload and performed at tests, but often come when it’s too late to address problems.


ControlA software allows students to proactively view all of their assignments, class notes, due dates, and school events and continually monitor their academic performance so that they don’t have to wait until they receive a bad grade on a report card to ask for help or otherwise address issues in their student life.

For Administrators

ControlA provides Administrators with secure system access from any Internet-connected device using a unique username and password.


To ensure that unauthorized people do not access private information, the system will give users who have been logged in for 45 minutes the option to immediately login again and continue working without losing any unsaved work. If they do not login when prompted after 45 minutes, the system will automatically log them out so that others cannot access their information.

For Environment

In addition to the much-lauded environmental benefits of reducing the usage of paper in schools, there are many good reasons to get rid of your filing cabinets and go paperless or reduce paper usage by implementing ControlA: It takes space, filing cabinets, folders, and someone to catalog files to store paper documents and other artifacts pertaining to school operations and student academic records. Storing information digitally allows schools to save storage space and make it possible to save information for longer periods of time without having to free up physical space in a building.